How to Setup A Password Manager


Are you always scrambling to find the password for your online accounts? Or have to reset your password every time you login? Did you know there was a way to keep your passwords stored right where you need them?

In this 60-minute training session, we’ll help you setup LastPass password manager app to use on your computer and smartphone.


Stop Struggling to Find Your Passwords

LastPass is a password management app you can use on your computer or smartphone. This app securely stores your passwords right where you need them to access your online accounts.

Our meeting will include getting you signed-up for LastPass, installing the app on your devices, adding your passwords and best practices for preventing unwanted access.

Is a LastPass Subscription Required?

Yes. While there is a free version of LastPass for Personal use, a paid subscription to LastPass is required to use their app for business purposes. You can see LastPass pricing here.


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