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I’m Michael Wright, although you can call me Mike. Some folks even call me Mr. Mike. I want to give you a little background on myself and my business.

After receiving my degrees in philosophy and religion many years ago, I worked as a jewelry salesman for some years. While doing that I got the bug to go into insurance. I thought I’d like to be an adjuster. But when I asked for some referrals from the adjusters I knew, I got directed to the Premium Audit Department. After a lengthy interview with the man in charge, I knew I’d found my place.

I continued to do insurance audits for over 30 years. Working with small business owners ranging from mom-and-pop groceries, to small construction companies, to rural and small town car dealers I got a great overview of the problems these business people faced.

When I got tired of the daily grind of going out and calling on a series of people each day to do the audits, often involving overnight travel, I decided to find something else to do.

Income taxes!

Yes, really.

I started a tax practice in my basement about 25 years ago. I had a sign in my front yard that said “Taxes–Your Place or Mine.” My earliest clients were sent to me by adult children who wanted someone to do their elderly parent’s returns. But as I got more clients, I did returns for people who ran small businesses.

I remembered my experiences in the audit field and began to use those lessons to help the taxpayers I was serving.

My auditing overlapped my tax work by about 10 years. But as I worked full-time on taxes, I was able to expand into accounting and business development.

I love taxes. The tax code in the US is complex and has a long history. I think my interest in it is related to my days in philosophy and religion. Quoting the tax code is not too different from quoting the scriptures when you want to prove a point.

Business owners don’t need to worry about background when they work with me.
I educate and inform them, so they understand the big picture. Let’s face it, their real interest is simply to do business and never see a letter from the IRS.

There’s even is more to it. The business structure that is chosen can have an impact on the tax bill as well as on the wealth created. Choosing to call the purchase of a new computer an expense rather than a capital expenditure can have an impact. Or taking a capital expenditure and treating it as a Sec 179 deduction could have impact over several years.
Sorry, heading into the weeds here.

It’s not about the tax filing, it’s about the tax planning. And the planning impacts business decisions. And so on.

I mentioned letters from the IRS. Have you gotten one? I can help there, too. I am an enrolled agent (EA). That means I can speak for you with the IRS. I can work with them to get any problems you already have solved. So again, you can get back to business and leave it to me to deal with the IRS. No, I can’t make all problems go away, but I can at least minimize them.

That’s why I do what I do. I can help your business, and I think it’s fun. A real win-win.