Virtual Somatic Movement Class

Virtual Somatic Movement Class

Date & Time:
Wednesday, January 10, 2024
6:00 pm EST – 7:15 pm EST

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Hosted By: Sharon Schweizer

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Category: Community

Posted By: Sharon Schweizer

Event Details:

Feel better by reducing pain, releasing tension, and allowing your body to heal itself. Improve your posture, ease your mind, and remove discomforts like back pain, stiffness, or aches. In this class you’ll do sequences aimed at easing specific types of tension in your body, such as back pain, stiff shoulders, or tight hips.

The movements are slow and gentle, tailored to your individual pace. Instead of traditional exercises that can be intense and goal-driven, these movements focus on how you move, engaging your brain to control muscles better. This helps your muscles work better and releases unnecessary tension that causes pain and stiffness, all without strenuous stretching.

After each class, people often feel more relaxed, flexible, and comfortable in their bodies. One hour and 15 minutes. Space is limited. Join us and enjoy a great experience!


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