5 Ways to Promote Your Side Hustle Now

Hey everyone, it’s Ryan Henry Idea Guy for INSPIREsmall.biz and today we’re going to talk about five ways to build your side hustle now. A side hustle is a business opportunity that’s usually alongside of full-time employment. The great thing about a side hustle is that it can develop into an opportunity that allows you to quit your regular job and pursue that business entirely. So, let’s talk about five ways that you can get your side hustle started now.

  1. Create A Unique Brand

    The name of your business is the legal entity, but your brand is how you create a deeper connection with your customers. So, make sure when developing a brand that it embodies the values that you as an individual hold, and creates the identity that your ideal customers really connect with.For example, a local plumber, a great brand would embody someone as strong, trustworthy, and punctual. So, make sure that your business speaks to who you are and what you’re going to accomplish for your customers.

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  2. Get on Social Media

    Find the social media networks that your ideal audience uses. You do not have to get your business on every social media network, but you should choose the two or three networks that your ideal audience uses most.Facebook has the largest swath of consumers all the way from the age of 18 through 65 and over. If you’re looking to connect with younger customers, you may want to consider networks like Instagram or TikTok. If you’re looking to connect with Gen X, Twitter might be for you. And if you serve businesses directly and want to connect with business professionals, you should check out LinkedIn and get your business setup on there.

    Here is an article we published back in June on 2021 Social Media Stats.

  3. Build Your Email List

    Even before you get your side hustle or your business started, you could start building your email list, so make sure to ask your friends, associates and those that you’re connected with if it’d be OK to add their email address to your list. This is the group of folks that you’re going to inform first about when your business launches, what the products and services that you offer, are how they can take advantage of them and any promotions or offers that you might make for them.Now, it’s important to note that you always need to ask permission before you add someone to your email list. That is the most valuable thing to consider because it will prevent your emails from going to folks junk boxes later on down the line.

    Check out The Power of Email Marketing for more information on why you should start using email to promote your business.

  4. Build Your Website

    Your website is here 24/7 salesperson. Its available, ready to serve your prospective customers at any time, day or night, and in the case of how your business operates, maybe anywhere on the face of the Earth, so make sure that your website one is mobile friendly, which means that it looks as great on a smartphone as as it does on a laptop or desktop computer. And make sure that if you sell your products that they’re available for purchase through your website so that the customer can complete the transaction without even having to contact you.

  5. Tell Your Friends & Family

    Your friends and family already know who you are, so they’re going to have an excellent source of getting you connected with people to just get started. For example, if you’re going into business as a general contractor, chances are you have friends or family that know somebody that’s looking to either have a kitchen renovated, have a new deck belt, or utilize your services in some way, shape, or form. So make sure to always keep your friends and family up to date on what you’re doing and how they can support you.Check out a recent presentation from our Monday Networking on Zoom, Building Strategic Referrals where Denise Praul talks about how you can craft a elevator pitch that gets results.

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