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Why We Must Teach Innovation – Don Wettrick – Sparks Tech Headliner August 2016

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Listen as Don Wettrick helps us understand the importance of teaching innovation in our classrooms.  To learn more about Don visit his LinkedIn profile at

Don Wettrick is the Innovation Coordinator at Noblesville High School, just outside Indianapolis, IN. He is the author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation.”

Wettrick has worked as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; and educational speaker. Don is passionate about helping students find their educational opportunities and providing them with the digital tools they need to give them a competitive edge.
Don has lectured across the US, Europe, and Africa about collaboration, social media use, and work environments that enable innovation. Through his travel, he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Ghana, and seeks to bring that entrepreneurial mindset into our classrooms. He was was honored by Centric for the Indiana Innovation Award for his work in innovation and education. Most importantly Don works with educators, students, and entrepreneurs to bring innovation and collaborative skills into education.

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