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Be Vulnerable – Jennifer Bartlett – Phelps Headliner – Sparks February 2017

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Watch as Jennifer Bartlett – Phelps challenges us to be vulnerable. To learn more about Jennifer visit her LinkedIn profile by clicking this link

Jennifer Bartlett – Phelps is the owner of Alter Ego Imaging, a photography studio specializing in Boudoir and Modern women’s portraiture.  She strives to help her clients re-connect with their sexuality and sense of self-confidence. Jennifer is also a fine artist, author and work-a-holic.

Jennifer has a little urban farm where she raises chickens and rabbits, and has a sizeable garden.

She also loves meeting new people and learning what makes them tick.  Jennifer believes adventures can be found in everyday experiences, and tries to harness that philosophy in herself and her children. Help me give a warm Sparks welcome to Jennifer.

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