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The value of being in the moment and life perspective – Daniel Maginot – Sparks Talk January 2015

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Watch as Daniel a self described millennial talks about the value of being in the moment and connecting with others. To learn more about Daniel visit his LinkedIn profile at

Daniel was born in Detroit, MI and survived his way to adulthood through the thick and thin of it all. By day he works a classic hard working American life, but by night he sheds his contemporary façade and instructs yoga on the side. He enjoys a hearty beverage or twelve when the times call for experiences of the utmost social importance. And he is currently ”emotionally unavailable” and not looking for any dates at the current time (*wink*), but he appreciates all of the offers. Please listen to what he has to say because you can always learn something… even if it is from someone born in the 90s.

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