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Tough Choices – Ray Hilbert Headliner – Sparks January 2019

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Watch as Ray Hilbert talks about the integrity and making those tough choices. To learn more about Ray visit his LinkedIn profile here

Ray Hilbert is the Co-Founder of Truth At Work, one of America’s leading marketplace ministries. Truth At Work recently celebrated 20 years! He is passionate about helping high capacity Christian business leaders address the area of balancing the demands of their personal, professional, and spiritual lives, while building successful companies and organizations.

Ray is the host of Bottom Line Faith, a weekly podcast highlighting business and marketplace leaders sharing their stories and lessons learned of integrating Faith in their business.

Along with his close friend Todd Hopkins, Ray co-authored a novel titled “The Janitor – How An Expected Friendship Transformed A CEO And His Company,” which tells the story of a young CEO mentored by a godly janitor who teaches the struggling young business executive the true definition of success and business. The Janitor is an international best-seller, selling over 1.6 million copies worldwide.

Ray and his wife, Beth have 3 children and live in Fishers.

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