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To Thine Self Be True – Tom Ford – Sparks November 2015

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Watch as Tom Ford uses the prose from the original bard William Shakespear to help us focus on our self accountance, vision and process development. To learn more about Tom Ford visit

Tom Ford has a passion to help people achieve a health that makes sense for eachindividual Tom has spent almost 30 years as an Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, EMT, educator, and experiential trainer. With a degree in Exercise Science from VA Tech, Tom is a proud Hokie who wants to help people discover a health that is wanted and needed. Tom created ARC2 enterprises: A Foundation for Health to do just that. To allow people to save their own lives by understanding and creating “their health, their way… responsibly”. Oh and by the way, Tom was also a life guard and yes he can save your life!(Eat your heart out David Hasselhoff!)-but he’d rather teach you how! Tom is married to his beautiful wife Beth-they have 6 kids between them. Tom is also a new proud grandpa with a grandson and granddaughter born this summer. Tom loves to travel and loves sports…tennis and football being his favorite.

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