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THINGS are far less important than EXPERIENCES – Scott Jones – Sparks February 2015

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Watch as Scott Jones shares examples of why life experiences are more important than material possessions. To learn more about Scott visit his website at

Scott Jones is the owner and operator of a local travel agency named EZTravelPad.

A Hoosier native growing up in Terre Haute, Scott attended Indiana State University and began his career path working in family businesses consisting of Christmas Tree Farms, and Manufactured Housing Sales. He Spent many years in the manufactured housing and the mortgage business but was inspired to open the travel agency in the deepest part of the recession in 2008 having come to the realization that “THINGS” are far less important than “EXPERIENCES” and felt that he could best serve those around him by encouraging people to see their world. Being an avid traveler he is looking forward to celebrating his 11 year anniversary to his wife Michelle.

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