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The Story of the IV Dressing – Robert Bogue – Sparks October 2018

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Watch as Robert Bogue discusses the need they saw and how it created a lifesaving innovation in healthcare. To learn more about Robert visit his LinkedIn profile by clicking this link

Robert Bogue is a father, husband, community leader, and servant with over a dozen years in business. A passionate learner and educator, Robert has editor credit on over 100 books, author credit on 25 books and numerous courses. Robert is also a recovering technologist with 14 years as a Microsoft MVP. He reads and reviews a book each week on non-technical topics, distilling the wisdom of many into a set of discovered truths. You can find his Discovered Truths at Robert project teaches everyone in his clients organization, key interpersonal skills through short, engaging videos delivered each week to every employee. You can follow Robert on his blog at

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