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The Positive Effect Of Dogs – Arnie Goldberg – Sparks September 2018

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Arnie Goldberg shows the amazing psychological effect dogs can have on people who are close to the edge. To learn more about Arnie visit his LinkedIn profile at

Arnie Goldberg. “Arnie is a friendly inspiration to many, with a special ability to inspire audiences to be open-minded to change. Additionally he is a  Author –  Sales Trainer – Entrepreneur – Consultant.

Arnie is a previous: Faculty University of Phoenix and Harrison College, Founder MKTG USA LLC, Co-Founder The DAK Foundation, Inc. and Founder Veterinarians 4 Veterans.

He holds a marketing degree from IU and started the first rock n roll band on the IU campus in 1959 Arnie and the Soul Brothers. Husband to Diane for 54 years he is a father of 2 and grand father of 2.

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