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The Path To Personal Integrity – Agostino Pintus – Sparks Tech May 2016

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Watch as Agostino Pintus highlights the value of personal integrity and ways to achieve it. To learn more about Agostino visit his LinkedIn profile at

Agostino Pintus was born in a small town in Ontario Canada. As a young entrepreneur, he moved to United States and started over a dozen different tech related companies before finding success with a technology-based financial company which led him to markets like Chicago, Detroit and New York City. Now he serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for Bell Techlogix. He has interviewed hundreds of people who have a strong personal interest to grow as leaders. This has caused him to invest more than 10,000 hours into books and podcasts on topics including leadership, self-development, psychology and business. He now spends a great deal of time inspiring and consulting leaders to keep teams motivated and engaged. He truly believes that “the more you learn, the more you earn”.  When he is not helping others succeed, he is studying the martial art muai thai and boxing 5 days a week.

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