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The Internet of Things – David Hua – Sparks Tech August 2016

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Watch as David Hua educates us on what IOT is an what it means to us. To learn more about David visit his LinkedIn profile at

Dr. David Hua is an Assistant Professor at Ball State University. He began his career at Ball State in the University’s Computing Services Department. In 2000, David founded the undergraduate Information Technology program at Ball State. His areas of interest include IT pedagogy, sustainability, and under-representation in the IT industry. His most recent endeavor has been the formation of the Intelligent Networked Devices Institute or INDi. The mission of the INDi is to promote the responsible development of smart objects and their interactions with mankind in the Internet of Things. The institute  is a consortium of industry and academia brought together to explore the potential of the Internet of Things and to foster entrepreneurial opportunities that are enabled through the Internet of Things.

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