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The Challenges of Being a Woman – Amy Woodall Headliner – Sparks Dec 2014

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Watch as Amy discusses the challenges of being a woman in as she calls it the man’s world, we live in.  To learn more about Amy visit her LinkedIn profile at

Amy is Trustpointe’s DISC specialist. Her mastery of the DISC language makes her a game-changer for any organization. Street-wise yet professional, Amy brings an edge to how people communicate and connect. Part Oprah and part Dr. Phil – her presentations can slap an audience and get them appreciating that “We’re all different!” Amy was intrigued with the communication breakdown between salespeople and their customers and quickly realized that it occurred in more places than the buyer-seller dance. Her frustration mounted when she observed that people, far too often, apply judgment as a shortcut to real understanding…so she opened the books, lots of them. She is truly a product of the product. Today, Amy maintains her Extended DISC certification and her insights become powerful turn-around moments for companies who seek to have people at all levels communicate effectively and connect powerfully. Amy resides in Bainbridge, Indiana with her husband, Jason and their two sons, Braxton and Brogan.

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