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How to Be Show Stopping Ready – James Kuester – Headliner Sparks July 2016

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Watch as James Kuester talks to us about creating amazing customer experiences.  To learn more about James visit his LinkedIn profile at

James Kuester is an interior specialist, Since 2002 James, has brought his clients an unsurpassed level of taste, attention, style and service. When he designs, James attempts to create spaces that are pleasing to look at, enhance their environment – yet just as the classics – never look dated or trendy. He draws his inspiration from the sophisticated art deco and art modern world of the 1930’s Hollywood films that captivated him growing up, as well as the classic lines of designers Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier, and the timeless designs of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Sperry Topsiders and others.

James uses his knowledge of customer experience to create environments that make customers feel relaxed and comfortable while conveying professionalism and quality. James places a strong emphasis on customer experience. By seeking to understand and shape emotions, James works closely with his clients to create experiences that attract customers and keep them coming back.

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