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The Science of Charisma: Building Expectations – Thaddeus Rex – Sparks January 2016

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Watch as Thaddeus Rex renound branding consultant helps us to use first impressions for building incredible expectations, capturing their interest and demonstrating value. To learn more about Thaddeus visit his website at

Few presenters have been compared to both Dale Carnegie and David Bowie. Fewer still have the honor of being called “part Monty Python, part Dr. Seuss” by the Washington Post.

Thaddeus Rex learned early, it all starts with charisma. How do you make that fantastic first impression, stay memorable, and continue following through with authentic value? The PBS veteran carefully worked his way into his first band, onto an Emmy Award winning show, then onward to create, brand, and sell several nationally touring stage shows. By understanding the science behind the art of charisma, he managed to stand out, even advising and crafting programs for the National Endowment for the Arts, NYC Parks Foundation and many more.

With applause from Indiana’s Governor for helping develop and brand a unique program to foster rural entrepreneurs, Rex’s ability to generate contagious enthusiasm for unique ideas caught the attention of local executives. At their request, Thaddeus created a program to help their companies utilize the Science of Charisma, for faster engagement and easier sales.

His branding insights have since been applauded by team members of Butterball, Edward Jones, Australian Gold, and many more…

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