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Quieting the Mind on Your Busiest Days – Gwen Sunkel – Sparks June 2015

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Learn Gwen Sunkel’s simple, effective and scientifically-proven way of quieting the mind on your busiest days. To know more about Gwen, follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @gwenderwoman.

Gwen Sunkel is fabulous enough to stop your heart, but skilled enough to restart it.  She graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from IUPUI where she was an Albert Schweitzer Fellow and National Medical Fellowship Primary Care Leadership Scholar.  She works as nurse practitioner with Community Health Network and has over ten years of cardiology nursing experience. When she’s not masquerading as a responsible adult, she enjoys yoga, reading, writing, travel, music, and is a devoted mother to three fur-kids—Caddie, Franklin, and Linus. Her favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.

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