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How a Question Saved My Life – Varun Nigam Headliner – Sparks April 2017

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Watch as Varun Nigam shares a personal story of how a question saved his life. To learn more about Varun visit his LinkedIn profile at

Varun Nigam has become obsessed with the idea of helping people becoming the best version of themselves. In his time outside of school, Varun was able to build a global sales team of nearly 900 distributors, create an event production company hosting 1000+ attendants, build a non-profit, the “You Before Me Foundation”, serving 500+ underprivileged in his community, and create speaker coaching workshops. Within academia, Varun has focused his attention on a pre-dental tract. He has hosted interview workshops for students applying to post graduate programs including Dentistry, nursing, accounting, and culinary arts. His workshops currently hold a 100% acceptance rate of students who have attended his program. Varun has taken a non-traditional route which has lead to acceptances to multiple dental schools. Varun will be attending the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and graduating in 2021 as a practicing Dentist. Please join me in welcoming Varun Nigam to the Sparks stage.

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