Local Connector Membership

From: $149.00 / month and a $99.00 sign-up fee

The Local Connector Membership is tailor-made for networking groups, referral clubs, and chambers of commerce seeking to expand their reach and offer more value to their members. This premium membership level provides enhanced visibility, exclusive event access, and unique promotional opportunities that help your organization thrive.


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What’s Included in Your Membership?

Featured Member Profile

Boost your organization’s online presence with a featured member profile on the website. This profile allows you to highlight your mission, showcase your events, and connect with a broader audience. A featured profile ensures that your organization stands out, attracting potential members and partners.

Five Tickets to the Bright Ideas Show Each Month

Enrich your organization’s value proposition with five monthly tickets to the Bright Ideas Show. This event features networking, fun, incredible speakers and a live interview with a guest randomly picked from our audience. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain new insights, learn best practices, and discover creative solutions that you can apply right away. Share these tickets among your members to provide them with continuous learning and networking opportunities, helping them stay informed and inspired.

Basic Feature Access for Members

Enhance the benefits you offer to your members by granting them access to the basic features of the website. Your members can create profiles, engage with other entrepreneurs, and participate in discussions, all within our supportive online community. This added value helps you attract and retain members by offering them more opportunities for growth and connection.

Prominent Logo Placement

Showcase your organization with pride by having your logo displayed prominently on the front page of the website. This logo placement includes a direct link to your website, increasing your visibility and driving traffic to your online presence. It’s a powerful way to enhance your brand recognition within the entrepreneurial community.

Member Shout-Outs at Events

Enjoy additional exposure with shout-outs to your members at our events. This recognition highlights your organization’s contribution to the community and encourages more engagement from our audience. It’s a great way to show appreciation for your members and promote your group at the same time.

Membership Benefits

Enhanced Visibility: A featured profile and front-page logo placement ensure your organization is seen by a wide audience, helping you attract new members and partners.

Valuable Resources: Access to the Bright Ideas Show and basic website features provides your members with continuous learning and networking opportunities.

Community Engagement: Shout-outs at events highlight your organization’s involvement in the community, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among your members.

Membership Options

We offer two flexible subscription plans to accommodate your organization’s needs:

  • Monthly Subscription: Benefit from a month-to-month plan that provides all the advantages of the Local Connector Membership.
  • Yearly Subscription: Enjoy greater savings and uninterrupted access to all features with an annual plan.

Why Choose the Local Connector Membership?

  • Increase Your Reach: Featured profiles and logo placement enhance your visibility, helping you attract more members and partners.
  • Provide Added Value: Access to events and website features offers your members continuous opportunities for growth and connection.
  • Strengthen Your Community: Shout-outs at events and a supportive online community foster a sense of belonging and engagement among your members.

Ready to Empower Your Networking Group?

Join the Local Connector Membership today and elevate your organization’s presence and impact. With enhanced visibility, valuable resources, and unique promotional opportunities, you’ll have everything you need to help your members succeed.


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