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Pride – Jim Hutchins – Sparks Tech Headliner Nov 2015

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Watch as Jim Hutchins encourages people to take pride in what they do and how well they do it. To know more about Jim, visit

Jim Hutchins has been working in technology since 1988 – on a variety of solutions ranging from ASP to Online/Hosted solutions to Cloud and SaaS platforms. Jim earned his Computer Science Degree from Purdue.

He has held Multiple Roles at re:Member Data Services (RDS) – A Dave Becker Company from 1988-2004 then the General Manager of Open Solutions RDS Technologies from 2004-2007 during which he took an active role in integrating five other acquisitions.

Currently Jim is the CTO & EVP at T2 Systems since 2007. He was honored to be Recognized as CTO of the year by TechPoint and IBJ. Jim is married with 2 wonderful children ages 7 & 4.

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