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Q: I have an account on Open In Indiana, how do I login to
A: If you have an Open In Indiana account, your account has been imported to Use the same username or email that you used on Open In Indiana to reset your password here.

Q: If I’m an Open In Indiana Local Favorite or Local Connector member, will my membership price increase?
A: No. All Open In Indiana Local Favorite and Local Connector members will keep their current pricing as long as they continue their membership.

Q: If I’m an Open In Indiana Forever Free member, will I be able to use
A: Yes! We will continue to offer a Forever Free membership with limited access to content.

Q: How do I upgrade my membership?
A: You can upgrade to Local Favorite membership by clicking here. If you’re a Business Membership Organization or Chamber of Commerce, you can upgrade to our Local Connector membership here.

Q: Will Open In Indiana Networking Events still meet?
A: Yes. All Open In Indiana Events will be rebranded as Events. You can view upcoming events here.

Q: What happened to my Business Listing?
A: We’ve merged Business Listings into your Member Profile, making it easier for you to update your information.

Q: Can I still add Event listings?
A: Yes. Forever Free members can add 1 upcoming Event listing. Local Favorite and Local Connector members can add unlimited Event listings and recurring Events.

Q: I’m a Local Connector member, what happened to my Organization Landing Page?
A: Organization Landing Pages have been replaced with Organization Groups. Organization Groups give you additional options including changing the Group Privacy, and adding additional Admins and Moderators.

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