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My Superpower – Kristian Joao Aleixo – Sparks Headliner March 2019

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Kristian Joao Aleixo talks about how living homeless lead him to the opportunity to race cars. To learn more about Kirstian visit his Facebook fan page here

Kristian Aleixo is a 2x Iraq War veteran, television personality with his own tv show produced by Sharp Entertainment, the makers of Jersey Shore and 90 Day Fiance, author of the autobiography  “My life in story: The Outside Groove”, for-worded by the legendary Willy T. Ribbs and the children’s book “Faster and Faster”, a rising professional race car driver on IndyCar’s “Road to Indy” ladder with an eventual goal of running the Indy 500. What makes his story as uniquely compelling as it is, is that following the death of his mother at the age of 13, he was homeless until 18 and his senior year of high school… circumstances that have never resulted in competing in the world’s most expensive sport. This Seattle native is the official Spokesman for Gleaners Food Bank, Indiana’s largest food bank and volunteers his free time regularly with School on Wheels, Riley Children’s Hospital and Children’s Bureau Inc.

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