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Millennial Madness; Breaking Through the Frustration – David Gorsage – Sparks November 2018

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Watch and learn as David gives his unique perspective on parenting 7 kids. To learn more about David visit his LinkedIn profile at

Our second speaker was David Gorsage. David Gorsage is a Performance Coach of many executives in Banking, Financial Advisors, Real Estate entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes such as Helio Castroneves. A former Division I Baseball player that has transferred The Championship culture from the diamond to the corporate field of competition and to Professional Athletes for more than 20 years.

Gorsage travels nationally delivering his CampDavidTM experience workshop series. David is not a speaker. He is an interactive coach. He is a storyteller. He is an influencer. He doesn’t give talks – he delivers a challenging performance that will cause YOU to look inward and realize YOUR greater potential and the desire to go to the Next Level.

David is married to Teresa his greatest supporter and critic for 31 years and they have been blessed with 7 children.

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