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Balance Mind Body and Soul – Melissa La Fleur – Sparks November 2015

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Watch Melissa La Fleur talk with us about how to bring balance to our lives so we can achieve more. To learn more about Melissa visit

Art embraced Melissa La Fleur at an early age. She progressed from crayon drawings to a variety of medias, and eventually found her favorite art form, sculpting people. As a student she studied in the health and science fields and ultimately fell in love with Ayurveda, far-eastern medicine, and esthetics. Melissa’s belief that the beauty possessed within the soul can be brought out to the surface led her to found Ella Bardo Esthetics & Wellness., a progressive wellness company based on the principles of no knives, no needles, and no drugs.

She once went zip-lining through the freemont experience in footie pajamas and ugs because it was chilly, and it was beautiful.

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