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Major Life Disappointments – Travis Sims Headliner – October 2017

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Watch and be inspired as Travis Sims tells us about a period in his life where things didn’t go so well. To learn more about Travis visit his LinkedIn profile at

Travis Sims spent 11 years of his professional career working with, and running, BNI Central Indiana, growing from a member to an Executive Director.

Travis is now a BNI Area Director in Minnesota helping manage the largest BNI Region in the world, with over 150 BNI Chapters and over 3000 members! Travis also currently coaches some of the most successful BNI regions in the world how to grow their franchises.

He has been an Eight-time keynote speaker for BNI National and International Conferences and is one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming BNI Global Convention in November. Travis is a powerful speaker engaging audiences as large as 3,000 people from 49 different countries.

Four years ago, Travis set a goal to lose 100 pounds in one year. He not only accomplished this goal, but he has kept the weight off! Travis has completed some of the toughest competitive Mud Obstacle Courses on the planet. Travis also just started Martial Arts and has earned his yellow belt in Taekwondo.

Travis Sims is an Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, and Thought Leader committed to helping you become a better person, leader, and networker.

Travis believes his success can be attributed to setting goals reviewing them regularly and a strong desire to accomplish them. Let’s all welcome Travis Sims!!!

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