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Magic Comes in Threes – Jack Klemeyer – Sparks Talk January 2015

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Listen as Jack talks about how magic comes in threes and gives us a bunch of nuggets of wisdom.  To learn more about Jack visit

Jack is the Proud owner of Grow Your Business Coaching, Jack is a regularly featured contributor in the Business Leader Publications in central Indiana and honored as one of the distinguished businesses by being featured on the cover in the fall of 2012, Jack Klemeyer teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being pushy.

Jack is the author of Turn Talk into Clients, Networking Best Practices. The first in the “Jack it Up Series.”

After almost 20 years in corporate America he left to pursue his passion of working with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to help them grow their businesses. Simply put, Jack helps make business better.

He works with Associations and Economic Development Offices to help existing businesses grow and thrive.

Jack is a World war 2 history buff.  A father of 3 and a husband to 1.

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