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Just Breathe – Kelly Means – Sparks April 2016

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Watch as Kelly inspires us through the common practice of breathing.  To learn more about Kelly visit her LinkedIn profile at

Kelly Means was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. She grew up on the central­south side of town, riding her bike through Foster Park and bringing home every stray pet that “followed her” in a four ­block radius of her house! Kelly graduated from South Side High School and then went on to Ball State University where she earned a Bachelor of General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Currently Kelly works as an Instructor with National Swimming Pools Foundation, teaching Certified Pool Operator classes and holding seminars on water safety. She is also a Certified Massage Therapist and is working to open her own adaptive salon in the next two years.

Kelly moved to Indianapolis 6 years ago with her then 7 ­year ­old son, Joel. A year later she met the Love of her Life, Thomas, and his 15 ­year old son Micah. They became a family in June of 2014, and they all live in Carmel.

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