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How to Speak Australian – Neil Richmund – Sparks May 2015

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Good onya, mate! High time to learn a little strine (Aussie slang)? Watch as Neil Richmund gives us a lesson on how to speak Australian. To learn more about Neil, check out his website,

One conversation with Neil Richmund will immediately tell you that he isn’t from around here.  Although Neil’s Aussie accent gives away the fact that he spent the first half of his life in Australia, he has called the United States his home for the past 24 years.  Neil’s career start began with a Master’s degree in Education from Andrews University in Michigan in 1992.   As an ordained minister, he spent the next 15 years teaching and ministering to students in various Christian high schools, including those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California, helping students everywhere to attain the tools they would need for life and for further education, focusing on such content areas as design, computer technology, and religion.

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