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How To Save A Life – Jill Bode – Sparks Headliner February 2015

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Listen as Jill Bode shares with us the time test tips on how to save a life! To learn more about Jill visit her website at

The PR Chick Jill Bode founded Designed Write Public Relations in 1998. Working with recycled bubble gum, string and duct tape, she managed to craft a cutting-edge, custom PR consortium that works with clients all over the world.

At Designed Write PR, Jill employs basic Kindergarten Teacher teaching techniques—patience, kindness & cupcakes—to work with a number of organizations to build PR campaigns and train employees in effective media interview techniques.

When she’s not snacking on the previously mentioned cupcakes, Jill pursues disasters. As a member of American Red Cross’ elite Public Affairs team, she travels around the country to large disasters to work with national and international media.

Some of the disasters she has responded to include the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina, as well as several commercial airplane crashes.

Jill resides just south of Indianapolis with her trophy husband, Eric, in a secret location known only to the government and her neighbors.

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