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Choice Points – Heather Bischoff – April 2016

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Watch and learn as Heather Bischoff illustrates through her personal story the importance of understanding choice and being responsible for our choices.  To learn more about Heather visit her LinkedIn profile at

Heather Bischoff is a savvy, bold, extraordinary entrepreneur and businesswoman. In 2013, after much contemplation, she followed her heart and started her company, Dragonfly Direction LLC. She has a heart and passion for people, teaching them how to find fulfillment both personally and professionally. Her specialty is working with women, showing them how to reconnect with their authentic self, dreams and desires to manifest the life they’ve always wanted. Always the professional her years in corporate life have also led her to discover how to help professional teams understand the power and impact of company culture. Heather has extensive knowledge in managing people and helping develop them for success at work. She loves to work with innovative organizations that focus on the benefits of personal/professional development to improve the effectiveness of productivity, which empowers teams to be more efficient in their work.  Outside of her professional life, she has a full life. Married for 20 years, her and her husband were high school sweethearts and together for 26 years. They have two young adult kids, a puppy and enjoy spending time together in nature or watching movies together.

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