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Go Small and Go Home – Nick Carter – June Sparks 2015

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Watch Nick Carter as he expounds on minimalism and simple things in life in his talk titled, Go Small and Go Home. Know more about Nick’s impressive background by visiting him at

Starting his first business at the age of 16, Nick is truly an entrepreneur at heart. Born as a farm boy, Nick has a rich heritage in entrepreneurship and a firm understanding of hard work. He left the family farm to pursue a career in business. As they say, you can take the boy out of the country, but nothing took the country out of Nick. His path in business has led him right back to the farm as a founder of Meat the Rabbit and co-founder of Husk, LLC. NICK is also the founder of over half a dozen businesses, currently the acting CEO of 2 startups and an active partner or board member in 4 other established companies.

Nick is the author of “Twelve Seconds”, which teaches entrepreneurs to get their small business off the ground. He describes his vocation not as a farmer, a software engineer, it a foodie, but simply as a person whose sole job is to see opportunities in the marketplace and create businesses to seize them. Nick is also an Elder and preacher at his local church.

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