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How To Find Yourself From Drug Dealing – Garrett Mintz – Sparks March 2016

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Watch as millennial career coach Garrett Mintz tells us about his life story and a turn in the road he didn’t expect.  To learn more about Garrett visit his LinkedIn profile at

Garrett Mintz is the founder of Ambition In Motion. Essentially, Garrett is a career coach for college students and young professionals. But what Garrett does goes beyond helping people get jobs. He helps young professionals understand what they want in their careers, learn pertinent information about what fulfills them, get their “foot in the door” via informational interviews, and evaluate which career fits them best. Ultimately, Garrett’s goal is to help young professionals build a realistic and thorough perspective of their potential occupations BEFORE accepting a job as opposed to after. Garrett believes that it is paramount to successful employment that young professionals gain clarity of what they want and don’t want in their careers. When young professionals’ perceptions of their careers meet reality, higher engagement, productivity, retention, and job satisfaction follows. He loves playing basketball, yoga, hiking and traveling.

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