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From Profit to Passion – Danielle McDowell – Sparks Tech November 2016

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Watch as Danielle share with us her personal journey from money to passion as an entrepreneur.  To learn more about Danielle visit her LinkedIn profile at

Danielle McDowell is the Executive Director of The Speak Easy, a member based non-profit organization in Indianapolis that brings established businesses and entrepreneurs together for to create healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems and allow for creativity, collaboration, and education. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of The Speak Easy, Danielle was among it’s first members when she launched a hairstylist review company called in July of 2011. The company later pivoted to a hair products e-commerce firm called Jada Beauty and was acquired by Sally Beauty Holdings in August of 2014.

Danielle attended Notre Dame University where she graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Following graduation, she accepted a job with Indiana Pacers. Danielle left her sales position with the Pacers later that year and accepted a role as the Marketing Communications Manager at ChaCha, a Q&A startup founded by Scott Jones in 2005. Danielle is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for bringing new ideas to market in the high-tech startup space.

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