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Everything Ends – Chris Reed – Sparks December 2019

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Watch Sparks founder Chris Reed relate a personal story where he benefited from a friends generosity. To learn more about Chris visit his LinkedIn profile by clicking this link

Chris Reed is known as the founder of Sparks. He is also the brains and the good looks behind Creed Improvements a home repair and remodeling company he started 12 years ago.  Chris is Very familiar with career change as he also spent several years as a marketing consultant for businesses ranging from those with zero employees to uber entrepreuers like Scott Jones the founder of start ups like Cha Cha and Eleven Fifty Academy.

Also known as Captain Selfie a persona he created to stay top of mind with an ever growing circle of friends. He loves to make people laugh, through his jokes, dancing and karaoke. He is one of the biggest Star Wars geeks I know.

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