Murder in Elfland

Murder in Elfland

Date & Time:
Saturday, January 29, 2022
6:30 pm EST – 9:00 pm EST

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The Library Restaurant & Pub
2610 S Lynhurst Dr, Indianapolis, 46241

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Category: Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Posted By: Joe Strange

Event Details:

Mystery Café is Indianapolis’s longest running and most successful Interactive Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater. Since the fall of 1992 the Mystery Café has been delivering a unique style of dinner theater.
Each play unfolds in four acts, with a course of the meal served after each one. Members of the audience may participate as much, or as little, as they like in the mystery. Upon arrival, you’ll be met at the door by the actors already in character, who will respond to you as if you too were part of the make-believe world that has been created for the evening.
Fifteen to 20 guests will play minor characters in the story with actual speaking lines. Just stand up at your dinner table and read your lines. No stage, done right inside a banquet room of an Indianapolis restaurant.
When the first scene starts keep a watchful eye out for clues, and jot down anything that looks suspicious, play detective during dinner.
At evening’s end, we give a prize to the person who best solves the mystery. We also give a prize to the biggest ham…uh, well…the best actor or actress from the audience.
Every performance is unique because the audience is so directly and deeply involved.
The magic lies in the interaction and unbridled creativity which occur in a room full of people who began the evening as strangers but go home as friends.


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