Introduction to Bowspring Posture Alignment System & Yoga

Introduction to Bowspring Posture Alignment System & Yoga

Date & Time:
Sunday, May 15, 2022
12:00 pm EDT – 1:30 pm EDT

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The Playful Soul
1001 E 86th St, Indianapolis, Indiana, 4624o, Marion County

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Category: Health

Posted By: Samantha Simpson

Event Details:

Discover freedom in your body by first understanding it’s truth. Learn to move your body how it was meant to move by repatterning postures that are depleting you. Your body is not a brick-and-mortar structure with bones holding up muscles. Your body is a tensegrity structure in which a fluid myofascial network hugs your bones to create rubber band springiness!
Bowspring yoga is a revolutionary, yet natural, alignment system that celebrates and encourages the natural curves of the spine and brings forth an animal like springiness in the body. The Bowspring alignment encourages the repatterning of fascia in order to return to a state of fluid dynamism, and opposes postural patterns that lead to imbalance. Practicing this formula will increase your strength, mobility, proprioception, balance, mental acuity, and open up spiritual channels. Bowspring can enhance your movement on and off that mat and can be used in every activity!

This workshop is meant for all bodies and all levels. It will be great for yogis and athletes looking to level up their conscious connection to their body, enhance their performance, and speed healing. And it will be terrific for people experiencing movement restrictions due to injury, illness, and age or weight related concerns.

Much of this workshop will be didactic information about the Bowspring alignment formula going over the 10 key areas of alignment in the body. Some of the workshop we will do simple standing and seated postures. Anyone attending this workshop wishing to continue their Bowspring practice will be able to schedule a free posture assessment and professional recommendation with Samantha Simpson.


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