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Don’t Stop Believing – Dave Buckner Headliner – Sparks May 2020

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Dave Buckner talks with us about beliefs and the challenges of life. To learn more about Dave visit his LinkedIn profile at

Dave Buckner is a husband and a dad. He is a graduate of Indiana University and Asbury Theological Seminary.  He has been a pastor in Indiana for nearly 30 years. Dave likes Riding bikes. For over 40  years he has been an avid cyclist of the human powered type. For the last four years he has taken up the motorized Harley Davidson variety. Davie is a musician and a vocalist which he  uses wheekly in his capacity as a pastor. He recently converted a 120 year old Baldwin upright piano into a whiskey bar. Dave enjoys the outdoors more than the indoors, believes in looking for the good in everyone, and likes sitting on the swing he built in his backyard.

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