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Die A Hero – Phil Golobish – Sparks Tech February 2016

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Watch as Phil Golobish talks with us about choices and the lessons from being an entrepreneur and developing Skycurser video game project.  To learn more about Phil visit his LinkedIn profile at

Phil was born and raised in Indiana and has been using the Internet since 600 baud modems. In 2006, he graduated from Marian University with a degree in Communication and immediately found work delivering delicious Mike-sells potato chips.

Not meant for the chip world, Phil then spent a few years at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There he helped artists and curators use technology to make new art. After the IMA, he briefly toured as a roadie for an Italian punk band. Coming off the road, Phil joined up with Slingshot SEO, a super smart Internet marketing agency. During his time there, the company would place #58 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing businesses and 9th in Indiana’s Best Places to Work.

In 2014, as VP of Client Services, Phil left Slingshot, now known as Relevance, to simply chill out, travel and work on his own projects. He chilled out by joining a lawn care crew and settled into the zen-like art of suburban grass mowing. One day, he mowed 28 lawns. He traveled frequently and made it to Okinawa to practice karate in a castle. He also climbed Mt. Fuji and proposed to his now wife, Anna, at its peak.

Regarding personal projects, he started his own management consultancy, the Golobish Group, that focuses on professional services development. He’s proud to say that in March it will have been in business and profitable for two years. He also started the SKYCURSER arcade game project.

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