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Defining Courage – Vince Freeman Headliner – Sparks May 2018

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Watch as Vince Freeman defines the word courage for us through his and other personal stories. To learn more about Vince visit his LinkedIn profile by clicking this link

Since studying Industrial Design and Visual Communications, Vince Freeman has spent over twenty years in this industry instructing, speaking, writing and consulting regarding the use of technology in communications in the visual arts.

Vince enjoys creative problem solving and empowering and encouraging others to become everything they can to obtain their goals and dreams. He has had the privilege of being involved in a number of new and promising start-ups. His former company Sonar Studios won eight international awards for content, including three Telly’s and was a Mira finalist four times.

Recently he has been a partner and CEO of Gear Marketing and specialist in inbound digital strategy. And for the last four years he has been the “interim” President and CEO of the local craft cocktail elixir company Wilks and Wilson. He is also working very hard to be the coolest grand-pa ever.

Vince once jumped off a 65 foot cliff and went parachuting in the same year to over-come his fear of heights. To this day he is deathly afraid of heights.

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