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Creating A Spark That Lasts – Chris Reed And Robby Slaughter – Sparks February 2016

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Watch and learn from Sparks founder Chris Reed and Sparks programming director Robby Slaughter as they talk about what it takes to give a great Sparks talk.  To learn more about Robby Slaughter visit his LinkedIn profile at to learn more about Chris Reed visit

The first time a duo have given a Sparks talk Chris Reed and Robby Slaughter decided to take advantage of the moment when a speaker had to reschedule for personal reasons at the last minute. They formulated a talk, drafted it and practiced and practiced and practiced till they were ready to give it at Sparks! Robby Slaughter is the programming director at Sparks and a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Productivity and Workflow Expert at  Chris Reed is the founder of Sparks and the director of marketing at, Event Marketing Consultant at and all around entertaining joy bringer as

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