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Complicated = Complex – John Ellis – Sparks Tech Nov 2015

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Watch as John uncomplicates the complex to work towards a vision. Connect with John on LinkedIn:

John is currently the Principal Architect of Strategic Infrastructure at Angie’s List where they are working on their most ambitious technical transformation in the company’s history, transitioning wholesale to functional and reactive platforms with a microservice architecture. Prior to Angie’s List John worked at Scott Jones’ startup ChaCha, where he helped construct a resilient platform that answered natural language questions in realtime. John also operated as Chief Architect of vCloud at Bluelock, a local cloud services provider that operates as a premier partner for VMWare cloud hosting.John has logged many a caffeine-fueled night as an open source contributor to Apache Camel, EasyNetQ, CrysalSpace, and even a few laughable Linux kernel patches for home phoneline networking. John maintains a few open hardware projects such as the kid-friendly Hack Clock and the homebrew Garage Security platform, with a focus on making gizmos more accessible to hackers of all ages.

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