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Cold Truths – Daniel Curry – Sparks April 2019

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Watch as Daniel Curry shares a personal story of going the extra mile for a customer and the truth of doing so. To learn more about Daniel visit his LinkedIn profile at

Daniel Curry is a US Army Veteran who is proud to have served our nation as a secure field radio teletype operator. He built his first computer at age 11 when wire-wrap was still a thing.

In high school, he was frequently pulled from class to fix the new computers in the superintendent’s office.  This led to him fixing the computers for the local sheriff’s office, as well.

Dan is also a HAM radio operator, talking with people around the world in the dark hours of the night, a lover of bourbon, avid networker, and a fierce friend.

He owns and operates Indy’s I.T. Department, an outsourced technology solutions provider for businesses of 1 to 30 PCs where he continues his love of technology and communications.

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