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Coding the Next Generation – Casey Wright – Sparks Headliner November 2018

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Casey Wright tells us how to write the “code” to give the next generation every advantage. To learn more about Casey visit her LinkedIn profile at

Our headliner was Casey Wright. Casey is the Founder & CEO of NinjaZone. Former olympic level gymnastics coach turned entrepreneur who took her parents’ “cartwheel shop” and turned it into an internationally known licensing and curriculum development company, as well as 6 Indy area corporate stores. Mom and Bonus-Mom of 4 kiddos, and audiobook addict.

Through the evolution of NinjaZone, Casey has led her team to develop a system that is changing the lives of children daily. Now in over 300 locations throughout the world, NinjaZone is offering kids a safe place to be themselves, make mistakes, and learn how their bodies move. Pushing the limits of a startup, Casey challenges her employees to think outside the box, learn from errors, and never stop dreaming. Casey and her staff are prepared to take the world by storm, transform the lives of children, and turn their energy into ambition…one awesome kid at a time.

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