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Choosing Your Brand Colors – Chris Reed – Sparks August 2023

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Sparks Talks Founder Chris Reed give us branding tips in 60-seconds. In this clip from August 2023, he shares tips for choosing colors for your brand.


Here is the transcript:

Ryan: So, before we get to our three Sparks speakers this evening, I’d like to introduce someone very important to Sparks. He is the founder of Sparks, which is now 11 years ago, I believe, 2012 is when he first started it, and so in late 2022, Chris and I got an opportunity to sit down together and we realized that the goals of both Sparks and had a similar vision, which was to share education and inspiration with people. So, we got this idea that what if we took over Sparks and brought it back?

Ryan: So, what we’re going to do each month, because there are very few people that are as effective at building a recognizable and lasting brand as there is Chris, so each month Chris is going to share with us a 60-second talk about how everyone in this room can be effective and excel in their marketing. So, let’s give a huge round of applause to Chris Reed.

Chris: There we go.

Chris: Hey, kids, how we doing?

Chris: Hey, thanks.

Chris: Let’s give him a round of applause. Ryan Henry, you’re the man. He got to experience what my afternoon was like, setting up this whole thing, and I got to watch him and help him do that. So, it was really awesome.

Chris: All right, so I’m doing 60-seconds on the clock. That slide put that slide back up here.

Chris: Who here knows the color of Budweiser? Just say it.

Chris: Red. What’s the color of McDonald’s?

Chris: Yellow, right. Home Depot? Orange. Why, right? They’ve run it into your brain over and over and over again. In marketing and small business, you’ve got one shot to own a little piece of someone’s brain. Break the paradigm, get them to laugh a little bit, and understand your value. And you might have a chance.

Chris: I have, I don’t know how many seconds left on the clock, but we’ll get that figured out eventually.

Chris: But the point of this slide is that color matters. And when you look at a small business with guerrilla marketing tactics, you don’t have a lot of money. So, look at what the big dogs do in your space and rip them off.

Ryan: Awesome. Thank you, Chris.

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