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Challenges of Urban Vs Suburban Planning – Mike Corbett – Sparks Headliner March 2015

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Watch as he talks about the challenges of urban vs suburban planning. Mike is a candidate in the May 2015 primary for Mayor of Noblesville a suburban town of Indianapolis, Indiana. Know more about Mike by visiting

Mike publishes the Hamilton County Business Magazine, the Welcome to Hamilton County Community Guide and various other glossy magazines and print marketing products. Mike has worked in media his entire career as a TV news anchor and PM Magazine co-host for the first ten years, then as a newspaper advertising executive and now as a magazine publisher. His evolution from journalist to businessman while pursuing an MBA is a classic example of how people change their careers every ten years or so to adjust to market conditions, family demands and the aging process. For his next chapter, he is pursuing public office, running in the May primary for Mayor of Noblesville. Mike will explain how he got to this point and why we need more entrepreneurial types in public office.

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