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Career Passion OR Journey Obsession – J.T. Metzger – Sparks February 2017

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Watch as J.T. Metzger contrasts vocational relationships with relationships of the heart.   To learn more about JT visit his LinkedIn profile by visiting this link

J.T. Metzger is a business leader with extensive strategy and operations experience. He currently serves as Executive Vice President for Delivra, an email marketing and automation company, where he has combined his experience with analytics, strategy, and operations to refine the organizations strategy and guide the organization to its next level of growth.

Prior to Delivra, J.T. was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Adayana, where he built and grew two professional services organization and ultimately led the business out of financial restructuring and into a successful exit. J.T. has worked in the industries of technology, agriculture, healthcare, financial services and coal mining.

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