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What we can learn from every Super Bowl Champion – Dr Rob Bell Headliner – Sparks January 2017

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Watch as Dr Rob Bell returns to the Sparks stage to talk with us about lessons learned in the NFL.  To learn more about Dr Rob visit his LinkedIn profile at

Our headliner is Dr Rob Bell. Dr. Rob is a certified Sport Psychology coach and founder of DRB & associates in Indianapolis. They provide mental toughness training to athletes, coaches, executives, and teams. He has worked with 2 champions on the PGA Tour &  caddied on tour for over 7 years.  He was the mental coach for a Silver Medalist at Rio Olympics. He was also the Sport Psychology coach for the USTA national champion, who became the 1st unseeded player to ever win the Illustrious event.

Dr. Bell currently works with University of Notre Dame and has worked with Marriott, Walgreens, Morgan Stanley, Indiana University, & University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Rob Bell is the author of FIVE books on Mental Toughness.

  • Don’t “Should” on Your Kids: Build Their Mental Toughness
  • 50 Ways to Win: Pro Football’s Hinge Moments
  • The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughness
  • Mental Toughness Training for Golf
  • No Fear: A Simple Guide to Mental Toughness.

Dr. Bell is a former University Professor with over 15 research publications primarily on the YIPS in Golf. He is a certified consultant of (Association for Applied Sport Psychology). Graduate of University of Tennessee & Temple University.

Lives in Indianapolis with wife, Nicole, and two children, daughter Ryan & son Porter. Lets all welcome back to the sparks stage Dr Rob Bell.

Talk title: What we can learn from every Super Bowl Champion

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