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BULL SH*FT – Sheryl Matthys Headliner – Sparks 2017

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Watch as Sheryl Matthys relates a very personal story and how it relates to running with the bulls. To learn more about Sheryl visit her LinkedIn profile at

Sheryl Matthys loves to sing but unfortunately is no relation to Johnny Mathis – although she plans to write him to see if he’d adopt her!
Sheryl’s all about DOGS! As a dog sitter & trainer, she created for single dog lovers and wrote her book, Leashes and Lovers including interviews with Cesar Millan, & Howard Stern!

She’s created Successful Women Made Here – monthly inspirational events with experts & Success Studio to produce entrepreneurs’ online videos.
You may have seen her as a TV news reporter, actress in commercials, or on Animal Planet, Bravo, E!, and FOX & friends. But, some adventures she hopes you haven’t seen her at include: selling Bingo games downtown, shopping late night at Wal-mart, picking up dog doo doo at a shelter as her community service to clear her of a speeding ticket!

Talk Title: BULL SH*FT

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