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Bring Joy With You Everywhere – Chris Reed – Sparks April 2019

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Watch as Chris Reed relates a personal story where sharing a laugh bent the rules in his favor. To learn more about Chris visit his LinkedIn profile at 

Chris Reed is the founder of Sparks. Additionally he has served as a marketing consultant for tech savy businesses like Scott Jones and the Eleven Fifty Consulting Group.

In June 2018 Chris suffered a traumatic brain injury due to an assault. To say this was life changing is an understatement. With his life on hold while he rested his brain he did what he has known since he was a kid… Home repair. He grew up remodeling the houses he lived in as a kid. So he relaunched Creed Improvements where he serves and chief handyman and estimator.

Also known as Captain Selfie, Chris enjoys making his friends laugh and even won an open mic competition in 2015 at Crackers in Broadripple.

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